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Ryouta Kise

Instrument: Bass
Fame Lvl: 1
Current MP: 30

Short Description:
The Bassist for Surviving Friday. He's also the lyricist, and the tallest member of the band. He wanted to be lead singer, but for now he's content where he's at...

Regains So Far:

► At the Gala he remembers a boy with determined blue eyes, but can barely make him out. (Love)
► During the Streets are Empty Event he remembers being part of a group called the Generation of Miracles (Passion)
► He remembers there being other blue eyed boys, but they intermingle and confuse him. (Love)

► During the Lock Down at Virgo
he remembers his first meeting with Kagami, but not his name. (Passion)
► He remembers being called a monster on the court and his love for basketball is coming back. (Passion)
► He began to add '-cchi" to the names of the people he feels especially close to and acknowledges (Love)
► At the Music Fest he remembers the first Match between Kaijou and Touou and remembers Aomine and that he meant something to him. (Passion)

► While texting with Shen from VIP he remembers the argument between Murasakibara and Kuroko (but not who they are) about talent vs hard work (Passion)
► While talking with Xanxus after the other resurfaces he remembers his friends picking on him. (Love?)
► Contraband Regain-His Yellow eyes


► Remembers Murasakibara and Midorima, but not much about them, not even their names, but he remembers they played basketball together. (Passion)
► Remembers thinking Mirodima is weird and that they don't get along (Passion)
► He remembers having a captain he is incredibly fond of, even if sometimes the captain would kick him. (Love)
► His muse finally has a name; Kuroko Tetsuya.(Love and Passion)
► Remembers more about Aomine and their relationship.  

Contact Player:
[ profile] KnightPunk
PM this journal or [personal profile] knightpunk


► PHONE: 1-555-877-6487
► TEXT: 1-555-877-6487
► EMAIL: R.Kise@virgoentertainment.vgo
► TWITTER: @prefectbass
► FACEBOOK: Ryouta Kise

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Hi! You've reached Ryouta~ I'm busy, writing those lyrics you love probably or practicing on my bass! Leave a message ☆
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Tell me how you think I'm doing
I appreciate honest feedback!
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Tokyo, Japan

FAMILY Vongola

LANGUAGES Japanese, English, Italian, French, Japanese Sign Language, Spanish, Portuguese,  Italian Sign Language.

OCCUPATION Vongola Translator/Diplomat (the nice one) and All-Purpose Wheelman

Kise Ryouta was a famous model and rising basketball star until he fell into the world of organized crime. After being delivered to the wrong castle while doing a photo shoot in Italy Kise showed off his ability to charm others and his skills as a translator. Mostly to save his own skin than any desire to help out.

Ever since he's been part of the Vongola Famiglia.

When it was discovered he's a good driver (AKA he hijacked a car took int on a high speed chase and brought it back in mostly one piece) he was trained to be the Vongola's chauffeur in addition to being their official (read: the one doesn't go with violence first) translator. He pilots the privet jet for Vongola Decimo and his guardians, the get away car, the get away motor boat. If it can be driven Kise can drive it. Mostly

  • SUN FLAME Attivita. Kise uses these flames to power himself up while fighting

  • MIMICRY Kise processes visual information at a very fast rate and is then able to preform those actions himself provided they are at his or below his skill level.

  • PREFECT COPY For a short amount of time he can copy any move that he's physically capable of doing. He cannot copy skills that use Dying Will Flames that aren't Sun Flames

  • CANE DEL SERENO A dog box weapon that looks like a Yellow Labrador, nicked named Kise Nigou (Kise Number Two). Mostly used for healing


( codes by whambam )
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[continued from this TFLN thread]

The train ride to Iwatobi from Yokohama was a pretty long ride. A little more than six hours, with a line change at Okayama station. Kise was feeling tired and hungry when he got off the train at the Iwatobi station around noon. He was used to being up early for practice, but he was used to actually doing things instead of just sitting around watching the scenery go by. Actually, now that he thought about it, that sounded like class, and he sometimes dozed off during lectures. So maybe it wasn't so different.

The trip had been nice. He came down early so he could spend the rest of the afternoon with Yamazaki before retiring to his hotel for the evening for an even earlier start for tomorrows shoot, and then hopefully spend that afternoon with Yamazaki as well before getting back on the train to be back in Yokohama on Monday morning. Thankfully it was a teachers' conference that day because other he might have seriously considered skipping. He wouldn't because that would make Kasamatsu mad, and Kise had the current policy of trying to keep his captain happy. It didn't always work.

He cast his eyes about. Looking for Yamazaki. It had been awhile since he had seen him. And, ah, there he was. He was taller than last time they saw each other two years ago, but now Kise had a couple centimeters on him. He was still as broad shouldered as ever, broader now. It was a good look on him. He took off the sunglasses and knit cap he was wearing to disguise himself and waved before making his way over to him. "Yamazakicchi!" He chirped happily. "Long time no see!"
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Name: Ty
Contact: [personal profile] knightpunk [ profile] KnightPunk 
Other Characters: N/A

Character Name: Kise Ryouta
Age: 17
Species: human
Canon: Kuroko no Basuke
Canon Point: Post series
Character Info: Wiki Link!
Personality: Kise Ryouta is a lively young man. At least off the basketball court. On the court he can be a rather determined individual who isn’t always a team player, though that’s something he’s trying to work on.

He’s a pretty friendly guy, though if you’re not someone he respects he’ll remain distant. This is for pragmatic reasons. As a model many people have tried to be his friends to ride his coattails/for his good looks, so he only allows himself to grow close to people he knows won’t take advantage of him.

With the people he respects he’s very, very fond of, adding the suffix of -cchi to their names. Also with these people he tends to cling to, much to their annoyance, because he cherishes the few people he feels comfortable enough to grow close to. Even if it’s with someone he doesn’t actually get along with.

One of the most interesting things about Kise is his ability to mimic. He only has to see a move once before he can master himself, and improve it.

Genre Preferences: Pop, Rock, Punk
Choice Instrument: Vocals (lead or back up), guitar (lead or back up), keyboard, bass.

Rockstar Persona: Ryouta isn’t all that much different from his original self. He was already a bit of a diva and cry baby. Now instead of being obsessed with basketball he’s obsessed with music. He’s still very friendly, very outgoing, and emotional, but now he’s also a bit of a coward too. He get’s easily scared and tends to whine and cling when feeling vulnerable. He’s very much a show off, more so than he used to be, and will often go off script while preforming. Also, unlike his original self, Ryouta isn’t as discerning with friendships. He’s very desperate for friends, so he can’t tell tell a conman from a cow flop. He’s still very competitive. He wants his band to be the best, but he’s a friendly rival. The one more likely to hug you than punch you.

Ryouta used to be a model when he was younger. His mother left when he was rather young, so he has no memories of her. His father was a fashion designer whose popularity exploded when he started using Ryouta as model when he was seven, which was how Ryouta got into modelling. However, his passion was always music. About a year ago he participated in an ‘Idol’ like competition where he made it to the top five, but didn’t win, thus why he’s part of a band instead having a solo career. This however, lead to a falling out with his father, who wanted him to continue modeling, while Ryouta wanted focus on music. He hasn’t spoken to his father since. His father hadn’t let him socialize much growing up, and that’s why he’s desperate for friendships.

Ideal CR: Friends, Family, Rivals, and stupidity

Writing Sample: Random Scenario Generator on Bakerstreet - 10 comments

Texting Meme at Bakerstreet - 22 comments

Brainwashed Example with Ryoko - 8 comments

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Follow up from this text conversation 

Twenty minutes. That was... )


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